How to care for your pet

How to care for your pet

You and your kids are going to run to the store, and just as you walk through the door, you run into a family with a box full of cute little puppies that they have to give away, and your kids are like, “Oh please can we have one?” Your kids will tell you they will take care of it, and you won’t have to lift a finger, but we all know that will last for about three weeks.

So, you get a puppy for the family. Most people will care for their pet as one of their kids in most homes. You will only want the best for them and to have them last as long as possible.

In this post, we will go over some steps on how to care of your new pet.



There are several steps for puppy shots until they get about a year old. Parvo is one of the biggest killers out there for puppies. They will get three months shot and the sixth month all the way up to a year for the parvo. They will get a shot for rabies at three months and 12 months. They have been getting vitamin shots as well to help them grow right.


People that are giving away puppies most likely won’t spend money on them to get rid of their dewclaws. This should be done when they are about three weeks old. You will have to take the puppy down to the vet and have them remove the dewclaws and depending on the breed of your pet, you may want them to dock the tail as well.

Food for your pet

You feed your family the healthiest way possible, so why not feed your puppy the same way? There is dog food that is made for puppies, and they graduate up to the adult dog, so you give your pet the best nutrition as possible. You can enter your pet in a program that will help you with this step by step.

3There are services that will have you bring your puppy in to be weighed out every month. With this type of program, they will be able to manage your pet each and every month to ensure that they are at the right weight and to have the proper nutrition. They will also tell you when to get your shots for your pet. This is just like taking your child to a check up. They will help keep your pet groomed as well and keep their nails cut. You can check out petprosservices for more info on the essential services for your pet.…